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    Surfers Paradise
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    Release: July 16th, 2013
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    2013 The Acoustic Sessions Tour
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    The Acoustic Sessions Tour 2014

    US & Canada

    January 10th - Constellation Room - Santa Ana, CA
    January 11th - El Rey - Los Angeles, CA
    January 15th - St. Andrews Hall - Detroit, MI
    January 17th - Mod Club - Toronto, ON
    January 18th - Corona Theatre - Montreal, QC
    January 19th - Prince Music Theater - Philadelphia, PA
    January 20th - The Sinclair - Cambridge, MA
    January 21st - Highline Ballroom - New York, NY
    January 22nd - The Hamilton - Washington, DC
    January 24th - The Loft - Atlanta, GA/em>
    January 25th - WorkPlay Theatre - Birmingham, AL
    January 26th - Mercy Lounge - Nashville, TN

    January 28th - Deluxe at Old National Centre - Indianapolis, IN
    January 29th - Lincoln Hall - Chicago, IL
    January 30th - Firebird - St. Louis, MO
    January 31st - Marquis Theater - Denver, CO







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    ‘Cyberbullying is something I experience online everyday,’ says Cody
      Nov,09 2012   Categories: Appearances, Interviews, Performances, TV      Author:      Comments Off   Comment(s)  

    Cody Simpson has it pretty sweet, right? The 15-year-old pop star grew up on Australia’s Gold Coast where he was an award-winning swimmer before his career took off online. Not only did the then-preteen’s bedroom covers blow-up Justin Bieber-style, but last year he even snagged Biebz boy-genius manager Scooter Braun.

    But as much as Cody’s life may seem as golden as the coast he grew up on, the truth is that being famous doesn’t mean you don’t have feelings — or that those feelings aren’t as easily hurt as anyone else’s.

    “Cyberbullying is something that I experience online everyday, you know? Being a public figure a lot of people will really love what you do, but you know there is also a ton of people who will hate on it,” Simpson told AOL Music Blog at Free the Children’s We Day youth rally in Vancouver last month, a city still reeling from the suicide of bullying victim Amanda Todd.

    A one-hour MuchMusic special featuring highlights from the Vancouver and Toronto We Day events will include performances by Simpson, Nelly Furtado, Demi Lovato, One Republic and K’naan.

    “Everyone experiences that, but I just try my best,” says Simpson. “Obviously, you can see how severe it can go [with Amanda Todd] and it’s important to do our best to prevent situations like that because it’s terrible.”

    Simpson says parents simply don’t understand the new online world of bullying 2.0 because they’re only familiar with the traditional schoolyard variety.

    “Because that is how they grew up with it,” says Simpson. “There’s this whole new technology element now that pretty much only the new generation really understands. It definitely ups the ante. People feel so much more comfortable bullying behind a screen than in person. It gives them a mystique and makes them say things that they would never be strong enough to say in person. And when people feel more comfortable behind the screen, they definitely take it much more extreme. But it still hurts the same way.”

    As well as appearing at events like We Day — which will have 10 events this year, including their first American rally in Seattle — Simpson is part of a campaign called Defeat the Label, a youth organization dedicated to promoting “a bully-free society without social labels and stereotypes.”

    In a video for the group, Simpson shared his own experience of not fitting in with the other boys, because he preferred playing music to playing rugby. The bullying, of course, only skyrocketed once he became well-known.

    “It kind of happens every day and in the beginning it was something that… right now I have kind of grown almost numb to it. I make sure not to look it up now but in the beginning I was literally, like, looking up hate messages,” he says. “People say these things. They don’t even know you. It does hurt a little bit. They didn’t even have a chance to know you as a person and all they see is what is online. When someone sees a person doing that it kind of snowballs and people start to think it’s okay.”

    But whether being cyberbullied by strangers or classmates, Simpson says it’s incredibly important to not be bullied into silence.

    “You really kind of have to relay that it isn’t cool,” he says. “A lot of people do it to try and defend their own insecurities and try and take it out on other people. You really got to let them know that they should talk to parents and friends and teachers and family about their own issues rather than taking it out on other people with their own things to worry about.”

    MUCH PRESENTS WE DAY 2012, premieres on MuchMusic Sunday, Nov. 11 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

    Source: AOL Music Blog

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    Cody Simpson Enters ‘Paradise’: Will Web Fans Follow?
      Oct,01 2012   Categories: Charts, News Articles      Author:      Comments Off   Comment(s)  

    Australian pop singer Cody Simpson realizes that most of his fans practically live on the Internet. The 15-year-old got his start recording Jason Mraz and Justin Timberlake covers in his bedroom and posting them to YouTube, racking up millions of views and leading Atlantic Records to sign a deal hoping to replicate his Web success offline.

    Two years after joining the imprint, Simpson remains a strong force in the digital space. His YouTube page has almost 425,000 subscribers and more than 140 million views. On Twitter (@CodySimpson), he’s amassed more than 3.3 million followers, and secured 3.2 million likes on Facebook. With his debut album, “Paradise,” out Oct. 2, Simpson hopes to finally tap the resource that elevated his profile.

    “I’m always online, 24/7 Facebooking and tweeting, because that’s where my fans are,” Simpson says. “I’m looking for new and innovative ways to connect with them.”

    To prep for “Paradise”‘s release, Atlantic has several initiatives to reveal album-related content and new material. The label brainstormed with personnel at Warner Music Group’s YouTube channel the Warner Sound and filmed an interactive movie that allows viewers to choose their own adventures by clicking annotations to cue the next clip. Shot in April, “Finding Cody” follows two girls on a quest to sneak into Simpson’s concert at Anaheim, Calif.’s House of Blues, where he performs songs from Paradise. In the first 24 hours of release, the videos got tens of thousands of views.

    “Ultimately, what we’ve wanted to do with Cody is find unique ways to market him,” Atlantic VP of marketing Chris Stang says. “We didn’t want to do the traditional things people do to connect with kids, especially in a place where they’re seeking out music, which is YouTube. It just made a lot of sense.”

    Digital initiatives on Twitter, where Simpson debuted the cover art for “Paradise,” involved Atlantic partnering with social media app company MetaBlocks to create a program for the album. To unlock the image, fans had to tweet the hashtag #ParadiseOct2nd a combined total of 10,000 times, a quickly achieved goal that spawned several trending topics on the social network.

    Simpson’s build has been gradual during the past few years. His breakout single “iYiYi,” featuring Flo Rida, debuted in 2010, but it wasn’t until last year’s “On My Mind” that he cracked the U.S. charts, peaking at No. 39 on Billboard’s Mainstream Top 40 chart. With three EPs under his belt, Simpson took his time recording Paradise-which features contributions from Dr. Luke, Taio Cruz and Ryan Tedder-so he could fully enjoy his adolescence.

    “Putting out your first album is a milestone for an artist, something that you’re remembered by, your first impression,” says Scooter Braun Management’s Matt Graham, who manages Simpson. “It’s very difficult to make a first impression at 13 or 14 years old. You don’t have that much to say. In the past two years, he’s had a whirlwind experience. It took time to find what he wanted to say, and, when you look at this album, this is a kid who’s really grown up.”

    In anticipation of “Paradise,” Simpson released his Smitten With Cody Simpson app for iPhone and Android, and signed on as a brand ambassador for Build-a-Bear. He is scheduled to open for Justin Bieber on six tour dates, and is eyeing February 2013 for a U.S. tour. For now, he’s hoping that fans notice his growth, both personally and musically.

    “I have some stories to tell and I’ve experienced relationships with girls, etc, so I have more to tell right now,” Simpson says. “I know my sound and my lane, and that’s something they’ll hear when they hear Paradise.”

    Source: Billboard.com

    Cody also ranked number 12 on Billboard’s 21 under 21 list this year, a one-spot improvement from last year’s ranking as number 13, and a big jump from rank 20 in 2010. Not bad, Cody, not bad at all. ;)

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    Cody featured as MTV’s PUSH artist this week!
      Oct,11 2011   Categories: Exclusives, Videos      Author:      Comments Off   Comment(s)  

    Two years ago, 14-year-old pop singer Cody Simpson was recording covers of Jason Mraz and Justin Timberlake in his Australian bedroom. Now he’s our MTV PUSH Artist of the Week, and ready to dominate stateside and beyond. Last year’s “iYiYi,” his debut single, featured Flo Rida and was an immediate hit with more than 18 million YouTube views. That’s 18. Million. Since then, the pop star has signed with Justin Bieber’s manager, recorded two EPs and has been featured in nearly every mall in America.

    We’ve got interviews and live performances to give you the complete story on our Australian friend. First, check out live performances of Simpson hits “Not Just You” and “On My Mind.” After the jump, Cody reveals how Australian slang keeps him grounded to his home country and how his voice has matured since his earlier days. As a singer who started out recording covers in his bedroom, Cody Simpson also discusses his love of cover songs and the artists he still enjoys covering (can you guess?).

    Of course more popularity breeds more fans, as Cody Simpson shares crazy fan stories — a group of dedicated fans followed him back to his house. Not cool, guys. “A mall was something that I just used to hang out in as a kid,” says Simpson on his numerous mall shows. “And then you go there, and there’s 4,000 people waiting for you to perform. It’s a big difference.”

    Cody also teamed up with MTV Act for a special video on bullying. Simpson says he understands the effects of bullying firsthand and offers his own tips on how to handle bullying and what to do if you’re a victim.

    Whew! Lots of Cody Simpson to pack in to your week, but we’re pretty sure you’re not complaining.

    Check out two live performances by Cody for the PUSH artist week!

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    “Coast to Coast” COUNTDOWN! Day 4 – NEW Cody Photo!
      Sep,14 2011   Categories: "Coast to Coast" Countdown, Cody Simpson, Exclusives, Gallery, Photos      Author:      Comments Off   Comment(s)  

    Day 4 we are releasing 1 never-before-seen photo of Cody! HUGEEE thanks to his amazing mother, Angie, for sending us this photo!

    Click on the photo to view full size.

    We love this photo so much! Don’t you just love how it’s in Cody’s room, too? ;)

    Stick around next week for when we release one more new never-before-seen photo like this!

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